Prevalence of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Neonates   

In the present study, 2.9% prevalence (of the total 70,590 samples analysed, 2053 cases were found positive) of IEM was observed. Of these positive cases, 13% (279 of 2053 positive cases) cases belonged to eastern zone, 24% (493 of 2053 positive cases) were from northern zone, 38% (793 of 2053 positive cases) were from southern zone and 23% (488 of 2053 positive cases) were from western zone. Among these, the highest prevalent disorder was found to be G6PD deficiency, with 1.3% (923 positive of 70,590) cases reported followed by haemoglobinopathies, 0.5% (360 positive of 70,590) and congenital hyperplasia with 0.34% (239 positive of 70,590) cases of the total newborns, screened. Conclusion: The newborn screening is expanding its wings throughout the world. The outcome of present data offers a unique opportunity to explore the birth prevalence of inborn metabolic disorders in the current population. Understanding the birth prevalence of these disorders in India from its various zones will definitely improve the short term and long term medical needs faced by affected communities


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